Our Principles

Your experience here is paramount. We come to you steeped in knowledge and affection for the food we sell. We offer you both our expertise and an abiding investment in the quality of your time. We want you to walk out our door feeling nourished in heart, mind and stomach.

The where and why and who of what you eat is of greatest importance to us. Our deepest pleasure is in recounting the provenance and history of what you taste and see in our store. We love to tell stories and are eager to hear yours.

We pay attention to detail. We like the details of our foods stories. We also focus on you. No matter the day or time, there is no rush at The Cheese Shop. No matter the amount time you have to spend with us we will serve you with precision and efficiency, but also respect, and grace.

What They’re Saying…

One of the best cheese shops anywhere! Plus, one of the most delicious lunch options in downtown Concord from this secret deli in the back of the shop!

Alexandra U., Google

Not only does this place carry an extraordinary amount of cheese from all over the world but, the wine selection and sandwiches are legit too! The staff is super helpful

Benjamin F., Yelp

Love this place with its rustic ambiance and excellent selection of cheeses. The wines are also very interesting, and the person in charge exceedingly knowledgeable and passionate about the wines he chooses.

Peter R., Trip Advisor

Of all the specialty cheese/gourmet shops I’ve visited in New England, this is far and away the best. You take a number, and when it comes up you have the full attention of your cheesemonger until you have everything you need. They are only focused on you.

Michael W., Google

Love the variety of other pairing items like breads, jams, candies, wines, etc…The staff was incredibly nice and knowledgeable. When I walked in, was greeted with a warm smile, offered samples and informed about a few of the seasonal cheeses just in

Courtney S., Yelp

You know you are a cheese lover when you’re drooling over a 400-lb slab of cheese. Or maybe you’re just really hungry.

Culture Magazine, Your Content Goes Here

Best cheese shop around. Unlimited selection and employees knowledgeable. Cute one of a kind store and would recommend to anyone visiting Concord Center.

Sharon K., Trip Advisor

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Our Passion

We love food. We love to eat. We love what we do. All the way. There is a precious intimacy, particularly in a harried world like ours, in the exchange of food between strangers. The personal connection between each of us and you is of the highest priority. Each new employee is asked what they think we sell here. The answers vary, and some think they’re right with “fine foods” or “fresh food” but that’s not it. We offer a customer experience.

Here, you are served – yes, there is the necessary of exchange of goods and cash, but we are here because we believe in a considerate and compassionate and playful customer experience. One must eat to live, but why would one leave it at that? We are here to advocate on behalf of the food, where is comes from and who makes it, and we are here to advocate on behalf of you, for you to relish what you eat, and be nourished in body and in mind.

Meet Our Team


Chef & Deli Co-Manager
Long-time player, makes the best tenderloin of your life.


Wine & Beer Buyer
A former geologist with a heart of hops.

The Crew

Alex, Elliot, Evelyn, John, Kurt, Mary, Meg, Myo, Nick, and Tony.

Ready to guide our guests with our vast cheeses and dry good selections, these friendly folks will also make you a fantastic lunch, or help with your catering needs.


Peter Lovis

“Bold and proud, and cute as a button”