July Shop News

My, my, my-it has been a while hasn’t it? With a Cheshire Cat grin, I’m glad I give the proviso this is an almost monthly newsletter. Summer is officially in descent and we are in full swing training our new hires, getting these newbies ready for the holiday season. In April, I made my yearly pilgrimage to Michigan to fish the fierce Muskegon steelhead, and I caught (and released!) some mighty big fish. And I mean some serious whoppers. But I concede the best trip award to Brie and her journey to England. She visited some of the region’s most renowned cheese artisans, placed an order live and in person at Neal’s Yard Dairy and got to experience traditional UK cheese making in action. But more on that below. Here’s what else I think you may find interesting…..

Brie in Camelot

Cheese Journeys is a new travel firm catering to old and new cheesefans alike by hosting region specific tours of cheese-making. They approached me about joining their inaugural trip to southern England. Given my upcoming family vacation to Italy, and Brie’s ever-growing breadth of knowledge and experience as a cheesemonger, it seemed the perfect choice to send our cheese buyer on such an adventure. She had an extraordinary time and has regaled us with stories and informational tidbits galore. She even wrote a great article about her trip, which appeared in The Concord Journal and the Gourmet Retailer. You can indulge in her reflections here.

The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming

To share in our love of cheese! On the heels of Brie’s triumphant voyage across the pond, we are preparing for the honor of hosting a few of England’s most accomplished and prominent cheese personalities. On the 18th of June, Simon Jones, the cheddar genius behind Lincolnshire Poacher […]