Cheese Shop Vacation

We are currently in the middle of Week 18 of the start of the COVID crisis.  Aug 17 will be the start of week 22. These past few months have been at times difficult and stressful for all of us, in ways we could have never anticipated. In order to pace ourselves through this crisis, we plan to close 16-24 August.  The staff will be paid, and not charged for “Paid Time Off.”  For them it will be a week of July 4ths, a week of Christmases, a week of Thanksgivings. With Holiday Pay.  For everyone.

We have stayed open to serve you, our community, and to offer an oasis of “normalcy” in these most turbulent times.  We have sought to keep up with changing CDC recommendations, and even stay ahead of them. We have worked to ensure that both employees and customers feel, and indeed are, safe.  Now it’s time to recharge ourselves.

I am the current caretaker of the “Concord” Cheese Shop, and I have a responsibility to you and our community to keep it healthy and prosperous. I can only do that with our great team members, and you, our loyal customers.

I have a wonderful, hardworking staff, who adapt, create, and work for the good of the community as well as The Cheese Shop. During our August shutdown, you may see some folks inside the Shop volunteering to do special projects that can only be done when the Shop is closed.  Once again, this shows their dedication to you and our Shop.  I am proud of them beyond words.

I myself will stay home, complete some small projects around the house, do some fishing, and take lots of naps.

When we open again on August 25, we will all be refreshed, replenished, and rededicated to making this the very best Cheese Shop possible. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and support, as always!

Enjoy your summer, and stay safe.

– Peter S. Lovis