Bleu de Termignon

Bleu de Termignon! A rare cheese, much-sought after by connoisseurs. It is produced from June to September in the pastures of Termignon in the Haute Maurienne at an altitude of more than 6500 ft. This beauty is a raw milk from Tarine & Abondance cattle. There are only 6 producers of this cheese in existence, and only a few hundred wheels are made each season. A cheese you won’t want to miss! Come in for your wedge.

Bertinelli Parmigiano Reggiano

A second Reggiano for the Holidays that we know you’ll love. Bertinelli Parmigiano Reggiano Farm 3030 is a farmhouse Reggiano made from a herd that is almost exclusively Burns Alpina cows. The owner of this company is the current President of the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium. Bertinelli is 1 of 3 farmhouse Reggiano producers out of the 350 total Reggiano producers. It also the only Reggiano producer whose chief cheesemaker is a Woman! This won’t last, so don’t wait to get yours.


Gubbeen is a semi-soft, washed-rindcheese producedin Cork, Ireland. Madeusing pasteurisedcow’s milk, the cheese has a pinkish white rind with a white bloom. The rind is a triple layeredbloom ofdifferent inoculations which include yeast, white wine and white candidum.AyoungGubbeen reveals a real buttery milky taste with scentsof meadow flowers andhazelnuts.As it matures, the bouncy andsoft cheesedevelops notes of mushrooms, nuts, bog andforest floor. Extra maturity allows the rindculture to move through the pasture andallow it tobuildup a full-bodied, rich andsavory taste. Gubbeen is excellent with burntonions, grilledcheese andpairs well with aromatic whites andbeer.

Xavier David Brie Fermier

This cheese, from France, seems tocome from another world. sodifferent it is from mostother brie we know. It has an assertive mushroomy flavor, with notesof garlic, Cauliflower andhay, andits body is wonderfully luscious andsilken. It’s what brie was meant tobe.

Black Betty

Every year Betty Koster of Holland’s L’Amuse Cheese Shop sets aside a small trove of her treasuredBrabander goat gouda. Where most wheels are agedfor six months, this group gets double that. The aging of all Brabander goat gouda is done in a facility that has very little climate control, like cheese roomsusedtobe. For a few days in the summer they might turn on the air conditioning tokeep it from overheating, butotherwise the cheese is allowedto mature at whatever seasonal conditions happen toblow through the windows. Theold-school environmentally-low-impact aging makes cheese that has seasonality andtakes a careful palate to master. Here, all the great elementsof Brabander are amplified. The caramel. The grass. The milkshake richness, Sweet Pineapple & Brown Butter. When it’s gone that’s it till next year.

Rogue River Blue

Rogue River Blue is made only during autumn, when the cow’s rich milk lends itself best to making this exquisite cheese. This cheese is wrapped in grape leaves that have been soaked in pear brandy. The blue veining lends hints of hazelnuts and fruit, and the paste becomes slightly crystallized as it ages. Rogue River Blue gained international recognition in 2003, when it bestedEuropean titans such as Roquefort andStilton at the WorldCheeseAwards in London. Though now made from pasteurized milk, it later became the firstAmerican raw milk cheese to be exported to Europe. As of this year, it is the FirstAmerican Cheese to place SuperGold, best of Show at the WorldCheeseAwards.

Happy Thanksgiving!