Box 3: Parish Hill-Vermont

Parish Hill Creamery Cheese

The third box in the series: Small Farms Edition-Parish Hill Creamery, Vermont.

• Reverie-tangly and earthy 
• Humble Herdsman-cider washed and delicious
• Corner Stone-a taste of terroir 
• Castleton artisan Vermont crackers
• Lake Champlain Chocolate

Store Pickup: $65.00
Shipping within New England: +$15.00


We’re on a mission for American cheese.

It’s hard out there for American cheese right now. The COVID crisis is devastating the American artisan cheese industry, from family dairy farms to cheesemakers, distributors, restaurants and retailers. Like so many Americans, we started by asking ourselves “What can we do to help the industry we love?”

Why cheese?

These interdependent people and their businesses reflect decades of hard work, risk, passion and ingenuity. Cheese has helped immigrants find their way in a new world. Cheese has built businesses that keep land and jobs in agriculture. Cheese has inspired chefs and nourished families. And the dedication of all these countless people, over generations, has produced achievements to make us proud, including the first-ever World Champion Cheese from the U.S. this year.

Who We Are.

We are a volunteer, grass-roots collective of cheese professionals – including cheesemakers, mongers, chefs, and cheese guilds from across the country. We’ve come together to help our struggling industry. Like our love for this industry, our energy is boundless and we’ll stop at nothing to ensure the vitality and viability of one of America’s most delicious natural resources.

10% of the Proceeds donated to MA Cheese Guild.